6 Wild Sharks Slot Review

Push Gaming has a slot in its program called Razor Shark. This is very popular with fans of shark slot machines but has got competition. Because with the slot 6 Wild Sharks the software developer Relax Gaming would like to hunt for prey in strange waters. This is also a good keyword because the slot with the voracious sharks has the new WILD CHOICE mechanics, which comes from 4ThePlayers. This allows you to personalize your gaming experience in the shark-infested waters because in the wild zone you can add Locked Wilds to the reels. Up to 14,893 possible configurations are waiting. Look forward to the 6 Wild Sharks slot review.

6 Wild Sharks Slot – A Brief Glimpse

The software developer Relax Gaming has created a fantastic pastime with the 6 Wild Sharks slot, which also has many bonus features. There are 6 reels with 4 rows each and 4,096 possible ways to win. One advantage of the winning ways compared to conventional winning lines is that they are always active, no matter how high the set round stake is.

Speaking of rounds on the 6 Wild Sharks slot machine, it is between 10 cents and € 50 per game round. This makes the slot machine from Relax Gaming ideal for beginners among you. A maximum profit of 10.368 times the set round stake can be earned.

Bonus features include a wild symbol, free spins, the advanced mode, and the wild zones. The wild zones are particularly interesting because you can place wild symbols there for an extra fee. You can expect a lot here. Here you get to the Cadabrus Casino test report!

6 Wild Sharks Slot – Theme & Graphics

WIild Sharks Gameplay

After loading the slot, you are immediately greeted by dark and eerie music that does not suggest anything good. This is reminiscent of the great white shark film series when the attack of the all-crushing beast was imminent. In any case, the software company Relax Gaming could not have chosen the music more appropriately for the Haifisch slot machine.

The graphics of the 6 Wild Sharks slot machine are sensationally good and most of it takes place underwater. In addition to the voracious sharks, you will also encounter other marine life on the reels, such as rays, fish, and octopuses. In addition, there is a diver who hunts for sharks and a surfer. Oh, if you haven’t noticed, the theme of the 6 Wild Sharks slot from Relax Gaming is sharks.

RTP & Volatility

The RTP (Return to Player) is the long-term theoretical repayment of a slot. The larger this value, the better it is for the player. 100 percent repayment would be nice, but it is not possible because the manufacturer also wants to earn something. In the 6 Wild Sharks slot machine from Relax Gaming, the value is 96.50% and is therefore in the lower average range. In Advanced Mode the RTP is 97.00%.

The volatility of the slot 6 Wild Sharks is high and that means that you have to be patient until you get a high profit. But the wait is worth it, because at least a sum of up to € 518,400 can be won by playing.

6 Wild Sharks Slot – How to Win
In order to win at Slot 6 Wild Sharks by Relax Gaming, you first have to set the aggressive reels in rotation. As soon as these come to a standstill, the slot machine automatically starts evaluating the possible winnings.

A win is achieved if you spin at least three identical symbols from left to right on a winning path. Only the highest win on a line is taken into account and, if necessary, added to other line wins. The amount of the win depends on the stake, the number, and the value of the symbol.

6 Wild Sharks slot – top symbols & ways to win

In the main game of the 6 Wild Sharks slot machine, there is a Topy symbol and that is the pretty surfer. If this appears 5 times on a payline, this pays out 30 times the set round stake. With a maximum bet that is at least € 1,500. Below we have divided the symbols of the 6 Wild Sharks slot into categories so that you can get an overview of the winning opportunities.

Bonus symbols:

Buoy β†’ scatter symbol
Shark β†’ wild symbol
High winning symbols:

Surfer β†’ up to 30 times
Diver β†’ up to 6 times
Medium winning symbols:

Octopus β†’ up to 4 times
Rays β†’ up to 2.5 times
Fish β†’ up to 2.5 times
Lower winning symbols:

A β†’ up to 2 times
K β†’ up to 1.5 times
Q β†’ up to 1.5 times
J β†’ up to 1.5 times
10 β†’ up to 1.5 times

6 Wild Sharks Slot – Bonus Features

Classic and Advanced Mode:

The slot 6 Wild Sharks can be played in two different ways because it has the classic and advanced mode. The modes can be switched during the game in the upper right corner.

CLASSIC MODE: The slot 6 Wild Sharks is played as normal, like any other slot machine.

ADVANCED MODE: In this mode, you can place and block up to 6 wild symbols in the WILDZONE, which is on reels 1, 2, 5, and 6. Depending on where and how many wilds you place, there are up to 14,839 configurations. The bitter aftertaste, however, is that this is not for free and each placed wild symbol costs a surcharge for the game round. In our 6 Wild Shark slot test, the most expensive game round costs a whopping 1,600 €.

Wild symbol:

The aggressive shark takes on the role of the wild symbol in Slot 6 Wild Sharks by Relax Gaming and can replace all symbols except for the bonus symbol. This always ensures an additional profit opportunity after a game round if the replacement closes a gap in an otherwise complete winning combination.

Scatter symbol

The buoy takes on the role of the scatter symbol and triggers the free spins feature when it appears on reels 3 and 4 at the same time. If the buoy appears again on reels 3 and 4 during the free spins, three free spins are awarded.

The free spins are available in two versions, depending on the mode in which you play the 6 Wild Sharks slot machine from Relax Gaming. In CLASSIC MODE you win 15 free spins and can place up to 6 wild symbols in the wild zone. However, every substitution you place reduces the number of free spins.

15 free spins β†’ 0 wilds
10 free spins β†’ 1 wild
6 free spins β†’ 2 wilds
4 free spins β†’ 3 wilds
3 free spins β†’ 4 wilds
2 free spins β†’ 5 wilds
1 free spin β†’ 6 wilds

In ADVANCED MODE you win 10 free spins. For this, all wild symbols that you have previously blocked remain blocked. The free spins are always played with the round stake of the triggering game round.

Play on the go

The slot machine 6 Wild Sharks has a function that should be of interest to all fans of mobile gaming. The manufacturer Relax Gaming has equipped its voracious slot with the BIG REEL PORTRAIT MODE. This means that you don’t just have to play the 6 Wild Sharks slot on your mobile phone in landscape mode to see everything.

Hold your mobile phone in portrait format and the slot adapts to the full size of your display. The start button moves downwards and you can easily reach it with your thumb. Don’t be surprised, the reels of slot 6 Wild Sharks then turn from right to left and not from top to bottom. This is an exciting gaming experience and is also available with the Razor Shark slot machine from Push Gaming.

6 Wild Sharks Slot – Jackpot

The manufacturer Relax Gaming has not connected its slot 6 Wild Sharks to a jackpot. But the action, excitement, and profits of over half a million euros comfort this fact.

Slot Rating

The slot from Relax Gaming fully convinced us in our test. Because it not only offers sensational graphics with the perfect sound but also interesting profit opportunities. In addition, there is the ADVANCED MODE, in which you can add and block up to 6 wild symbols in the wild zone of the slot machine. The maximum win is € 518,400.

The fans of mobile games don’t miss out either, because the manufacturer relies on the BIG REEL PORTRAIT MODE for the biting Haifisch slot machine, where you can enjoy the full gaming experience on your Andy in portrait format.

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