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    2024’s Blacklisted Casinos: Casinos and Sportsbooks to Avoid

    Since 1995, we’ve been a trusted source of information, offering hundreds of excellent online casinos for you to explore. However, amidst the plethora of reputable sites, there exists a select few that warrant caution. Our latest blacklisted list compiles online casinos and sportsbooks that have demonstrated untrustworthiness, often characterized by questionable withdrawal procedures, unreliable customer support, dubious bonus terms, unfair games, and overall deceitful practices.

    Peruse our updated blacklist to identify which sites to steer clear of and safeguard your gaming experience. Trustworthy and fair platforms are out there; it’s essential to be informed and discerning in your choices.

    Report a Casino to be added to the Blacklisted Section

    If you have any concerns about an online casino or feel you’ve been treated unfairly, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can report a casino site here and share your experience with us. Our team of experts will investigate on your behalf to ensure fairness and transparency in the gaming industry.

    By submitting your message, you acknowledge that your personal data will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

    Reasons for Inclusion in This List

    Games and Software: A diverse and user-friendly selection of games sets reputable casinos apart. However, failure in this aspect can lead to inclusion on our list of sites to avoid. Cutting-edge software and fair gameplay are paramount. Rogue casinos often provide unfair games.

    Customer Care: Transparency and accessibility are crucial for player trust. Casinos should offer various contact methods for player assistance. Casinos on our list tend to fall short in this area, with unresponsive customer support and unresolved player complaints.

    Security and Trust: Top casinos prioritize cutting-edge security and hold licenses from reputable authorities like eCogra and MGA. Failure to meet these standards or lack of proper licensing results in inclusion on our list.

    Banking and Money: Efficient and secure banking methods are essential for a positive player experience. Complicated withdrawal procedures or limited withdrawal options can lead to dissatisfaction among players.

    Bonuses and Promotions: While enticing bonuses are common in online casinos, some may be misleading or unfair. We thoroughly investigate the trustworthiness of bonuses and promotions to ensure players receive a fair deal.

    At the core of our investigations is the commitment to safeguarding players’ interests and promoting fair and responsible gaming practices.

    Why Do We Feature Blacklisted Casinos?

    At our platform, we take the integrity of online gaming seriously. Certain actions can swiftly land a casino on our blacklist, including:

    • Stalling or Refusing Withdrawals: Casinos withholding withdrawals without valid reasons.
    • Funds Confiscation: Unauthorized seizure of player funds.
    • Refusal to Honor Bonuses: Failure to fulfill promised bonus offers.
    • Use of Non-regulated or Pirated Games: Offering games that are not properly licensed or are pirated.

    We firmly believe in shedding light on these practices to empower players with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

    Warning about Blacklisted Casinos

    Once again, we strongly advise players to steer clear of these establishments or proceed with caution if they choose to play at their own risk. Blacklisted casinos will prominently feature a distinct “Forbidden” symbol on our website.

    The Alternative

    Remember, there are reputable establishments where you’ll receive proper treatment and enjoy a secure gaming environment. Explore our regularly updated list of the best online casinos for a rewarding gaming experience.

    Why Should You Avoid Blacklisted Casinos?

    Playing at a blacklisted casino poses significant risks, including potential loss of funds, exposure of personal and financial information to theft, and susceptibility to exploitation. These casinos often provide inadequate customer support and offer limited recourse for dispute resolution, leaving players vulnerable in case of issues.

    Moreover, patronizing blacklisted casinos harms the credibility of the online gambling industry. It undermines the efforts of regulatory bodies like eCOGRA and tarnishes the reputation of fair play and player protection initiatives.



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    What should I do if I have already played at a blacklisted casino?

    If you've engaged with a blacklisted casino, vigilance is key. Monitor your accounts closely and report any suspicious activity to your financial institution. Contact the casino's customer support for resolution if you've been treated unfairly.

    What should I do if I suspect a casino of unethical or illegal practices?

    Report any suspicions of unethical or illegal conduct to relevant regulatory authorities or law enforcement agencies. Seek assistance from organizations like eCOGRA or industry watchdogs to address disputes and ensure compliance with gaming regulations.