Curacao Gambling License Guide 2021

Most players probably do not know exactly where the small island of Curacao is, but many of them have certainly already played in an online casino that uses the gambling license of this Caribbean island state. Because Curacao is indeed a pioneer in the regulation of online casinos.

What is behind the license and what Gaming License costs will the operator have?

Since Curacao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curacao eGaming can issue a license under European law. The authority has been granting licenses for online casinos and bookmakers worldwide since 1996. The gambling license is popular with the operators as the taxes on the island are very low. The profits of the gambling companies are subject to a tax of only 2% on Curacao and VAT is even completely eliminated.

The Curacao gaming license costs for the main license are a good 34,000 USD, which is comparatively low. The positive experience for both players and casinos explains why many operators get this license.

Curacao iGaming License

What are the goals and tasks that the Curacao license has set itself?

The license offers players a safe gaming experience, as only Curacao casinos are permitted that fully meet the authority’s criteria. The authority takes its tasks very seriously:

The main task of the authority is to select operators according to strict criteria that are eligible for a gaming license.
The aim is to protect both players and operators from crime and fraud of all kinds in the best possible way.
The regulatory authority continues to monitor that the providers of casinos, lotteries, and sports betting are working properly and that the games are honest and fair.
You should keep these 4 points in mind when it comes to the Curacao license for online casinos:

  1. The popularity of the Curacao license is explained by the low taxation of gambling operators, but also by the liberal licensing system.
  2. Licensed operators can sublicense other online gaming companies to enable operators to form partnerships without having to go through the lengthy licensing process again. This liberal regulation is unique and explains the success of the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority.
  3. Curacao has been the most stable licensing provider for iGaming since 1996. It offers a tailor-made service that takes into account both the protection of the player and the legal, geographical and economic limits of the operators concerned.
  4. The Curacao Gambling Authority not only ensures that the various operators in Europe comply with the legal requirements, but also supports them in complying with local laws and offering the best possible service. This includes technical support, training and the provision of various online services.

What is the reputation of the eGaming license in the industry and which Curacao casinos have this license?

Today there are hundreds of casinos that are using the license of the authorities. You can find a selection of the most reliable licensed online casinos in Curacao here. These casinos need to ensure that the players on their website are adults and are using their real identities. This explains why the casinos require identification when making withdrawals.

The regulator’s website indicates the name of the company that manages the gaming site in question, as well as the validity of the license. On this page, you as a player also have the opportunity to file a complaint against the licensed casino. This is a guarantee of trust for online gamers.

Can I file a complaint about a casino directly with the Curacao Gaming Authority?

Yes. You can submit your complaint to a casino operating under the license directly to the Gaming Authority. Simply click on our complaint link and go to “File a complaint”. In any case, you must write your complaint in English. Then, the Commission staff can take care of it.