Eye of Cleopatra Slot Review

Ancient Egypt is the main theme of Eye of Cleopatra slot machine. Pragmatic Play is the developer behind this slot machine. There were numerous slots with this theme before Eye of Cleopatra, such as Book of Cleopatra and Eye of Atum. Eye of Cleopatra is played on a 5×4 playing field with 20 static paylines.

The slot machine has several features, including Free Spins, which allow you to win up to 4,000 times your bet. The minimum bet is €0.20 per game round and the maximum bet is €125.
The payout percentage of 96.50 percent is above average, but does this automatically imply that the slot will be a success? Definitely, we were curious to find out.

How does Eye of Cleopatra slot machine work?

A minimum of three identical symbols must land on a payline to win in Eye of Cleopatra. The first symbol must appear on the far left reel, and the combination can only be made from left to right.
You can get started right away after loading the slot machine. The bet is set to $2 by default. Of course, you can change this at any time by using the options below the playing field. The game instructions are also available here.

There are 11 different symbols in the Eye of Cleopatra. Ten of these have a pay feature, with Cleopatra and the Wild being the most valuable. There is another special symbol present in addition to the Wild, but it does not have a paying feature.

The Bonus Features at Eye of Cleopatra

You were previously introduced to the Free Spins function in Eye of Cleopatra. The slot machine has several features in addition to this. You can read about the types of triggers, what they do for you, and how to trigger them below.

Wild symbol in Eye of Cleopatra

There is a Wild in Eye of Cleopatra that has a paying function, as you have already read. Additionally, this symbol guarantees that all other rewarding symbols on the board be replaced, greatly enhancing your chances of winning.

Eye of Cleopatra gameplay

Random Wild Patterns

If you look at the right of the playing field, you will notice an eye is surrounded by 8 circles. Wilds are represented by the eye. The circles around the eye will light up at random times. If this occurs as soon as a Wild lands in your playing field, the symbols surrounding the Wild will also be transformed into Wilds, much like the circles.

Free Spins in Eye of Cleopatra

The Scatter is the other special symbol (with no paying feature). If at least three of these appear in the same game round, you will receive the Free Spins. Before the feature begins, you can select one of the following options:
10 to 30 Free Spins for Wild Patterns with 4 light.
8 to 24 Free Spins for Wild Patterns with 6 Lights.
6 to 18 Free Spins for Wild Patterns with 8 lights.

The quantity of Scatters required to activate the feature determines how many Free Spins are awarded. You will receive the same number of free spins as at the start of the feature if at least 3 scatters appear at least once more.

Ante Bet

You can decide to turn on the Ante Bet to raise your chances of winning the Free Spins feature. You must pay an additional 25% on top of your round-by-round wager for this. The payout percentage, which is 96.50 percent in the original game, stays the same but your chances of activating the feature are increased by 100%.

What do we think of this slot machine?

Slots from Pragmatic Play often guarantee high-quality slots with which you will not get bored. An example of this is Smugglers Cove. Eye of Cleopatra can proudly join this. Graphically speaking, the slot machine is again to pass through a ring. All symbols, animations and background fit very well with the Egyptian theme of the slot.

Pragmatic Play slots frequently guarantee high-quality slots that will keep you entertained. Smugglers Cove is an example of this. Eye of Cleopatra can proudly join this. In terms of graphics, the slot machine will once again go through a ring. The slot’s symbols, animations, and background blend well with the Egyptian theme.

The betting range is extremely broad. It makes no difference what your budget is or whether you play for big prizes or just for fun; everyone can enjoy Eye of Cleopatra. The maximum possible win is 4,000 times the stake.

The number of features may not be very large, but the features that the slot machine contains provide enough tension so that players do not give up quickly. In any case, we had a great time with Eye of Cleopatra.

Although the number of features is limited, the slot machine’s features provide enough tension to keep players from giving up too quickly. In any case, we truly enjoyed Eye of Cleopatra.

  • Pros

Changing a Random Wild Pattern
Every spin features three Free Spin variants with wild patterns.

  • Cons

Beware of custom RTP ranges

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