Zodiac Themed Slots

Slot machines with zodiac themes are getting more and more well-liked among gamblers. This may be as a result of the widespread belief that stars can bring luck to a person. The brilliant theme makes it possible to create bright slot designs, which makes them very eye-catching.

Since they are still in great demand all over the world, the popularity of Oriental horoscopes and their related zodiac symbols does not appear to be waning. People from all around the world continue to follow the zodiac-related horoscope, which is based on 12 animals that stand for distinct personality qualities and futures.

These zodiac-themed slot games may feature rats, pigs, tigers, dogs, and many other animal species. The Chinese-inspired concept of Zodiac slots’ gameplay appeals to a wide range of slot gamers. Zodiac-themed slots are available for download or quick play.

Zodiac Infinity Reels Slot


Online slot machines known as zodiac slots are mostly based on astrology, oriental horoscopes, and zodiacal signs. They are often provided as video slots. These slot machines generally have images of different animals or a starry sky as their reel symbols.

Zodiac slots have five reels and a lot of paylines. The fact that astrology is associated with the game’s theme and is a challenging and complex subject implies that playing Zodiac slot machines is not straightforward. The UI of these slot machines is actually fairly straightforward, and understanding the game’s regulations isn’t particularly difficult.

The free zodiac-themed slots on the website work just like the ones where bets are made with real money. Due to the fact that free demos do not allow real money wagering, gamblers can experiment without taking any risks.

Lucky Zodiac by Amatic

To win the jackpot of 2,000 times your line bet, determine if the stars are in your favor. Amatic’s Lucky Zodiac slot machine has 10 paylines on just 5 reels, and in order to win, players must line up all 12 zodiac signs. Simple icons on the reels represent them in a conventional 2D fashion. Each icon is given a certain color based on the element it represents. You will be helped on your path to spiritual enlightenment and financial gains by the wild sun symbol, which awards 10 free spins with additional prizes.


With features like wild and scatter symbols, the Zodiac slot machine from Saucify concentrates on twelve different zodiac signs.
Before the game starts, you’ll be asked to choose your zodiac sign, which will then act as your highest-paying symbol. If you’re lucky, you might walk away with a non-progressive jackpot of 2,000 coins. The Zodiac slot machine accepts bets between 0.20 and 25.00.

The Zodiac by Saucify is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine with a theme-appropriate design. Because the reels are transparent, you can see through them to the heavens filled with galaxies and sparkling stars.

12 Zodiacs

12 Zodiacs obviously puts a lot of focus on its aesthetics in order to attract new players, and the results are more than adequate.

The background of the game is the entrance to a huge temple that is buried in the clouds. Two colossal figures surround the reels. Don’t be intimidated by the imposing command bar below them; playing 12 Zodiacs is actually easier than it sounds. The 12 Zodiacs slot machine interface has 18 paylines, 5 reels, and 3 symbol positions on each.

Use the numerous (+) and (-) buttons to set the precise rate and modify the parameters. Click “Play” when you’re ready, then check to see whether any winning combinations are present on the active paylines. When you complete a mini-game successfully, you can choose the appropriate shortcut to play another one, and if you succeed, your reward will be increased.

Zodiac Wheel

The 53-reel grid of the Zodiac Wheel slot machine allows you to play while viewing the night sky, which is beautifully illuminated by a large number of stars.
You essentially start to receive prizes and bonuses the instant you see the first star:
For each letter that represents a different constellation, up to 2000 coins are offered; for the telescopic symbol, up to 5000 coins are offered; locate a fortune teller and her crystal ball, and you might earn up to 10,000 coins;

Microgaming Slot

Lucky Zodiac is a relatively new video slot from Microgaming. Although it was launched in 2015, it seems somewhat dated in comparison to more recent games from the same developer. But it has lovely animations and sharp, clear pictures that show specific winning combinations.

Playing cards and everyday Eastern objects like paper lanterns, lotus blossoms, and Chinese porcelain vases are among the symbols featured on the dark reels, which are placed against a cheerful green background. To activate up to 20 paylines, all of this must be lined up on the five reels, each with three rows. Players can somewhat expedite the process by stopping the rotation of the reels by pressing the wonderful Stop button.

The game offers a wide range of bets from 0.01 to 100.00 credits and offers several customizing options. The player can alter the coin value (0.01-0.05 credits), the number of coins per payline (up to 10), and the number of active lines (1-20).

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