Mr Bet Casino – Bad experience

Imagine you win 7,300 euros in an online casino, but your payout is first delayed and then completely canceled for extremely flimsy reasons. This is exactly what happened to our reader Markus W – at a provider called Mr Bet. Since others have had pretty bad experiences with this online casino, we have to warn against this casino.

For reasons of fairness, we also gave Mr Bet the opportunity to comment on the allegations and resolve the case in an accommodating manner. But as a gambling portal by players for players, Mr Bet will be on our blacklist until then. In addition to the denied payment, there are other pretty ugly things to report. If you are considering opening an account with Mr Bet, then you may want to wait a little longer.

But what exactly bothers us about Mr Bet? And why does our reader Markus not get his honestly earned profit? We investigate this in the following test report:


Who is Mr Bet Casino?

The owner is called Faro Entertainment NV and is based in Curacao. But be careful, the operators are a Maltese company called Faro Entertainment Europe Limited. Just for fun, I drove to the registered address personally, but I could only see apartment buildings and a mailbox.

Although the casino has been around since 2017, it is rather unknown even to those in the know in the casino industry. That doesn’t mean anything, because for a casino overseas you only need a casino page that can be ordered as a modular system. Games, payment providers, customer service are integrated at the same time. Such solutions are not a bad thing in and of themselves, and it seems like Mr Bet has done a good job at least here.

A medium disaster, on the other hand, is the permit. Because Mr Bet is licensed in Curacao (more on that below). Anyone who puts around 25,000 euros on the table can put one on their side. To be fair, I have to admit that the Curacao authorities have recently taken a closer look here and there. But overall you as a player are badly advised to play at a casino registered there. But that should not be the topic here.


Where do we get our information from?

When we present and advertise casinos at WOW, we know their company structure. We ourselves live in the “online casino center” Malta and work in the industry. In addition, we very often hang around at the Europe-wide gambling fairs. When a casino like Mr Bet tells us absolutely nothing, it’s weird. But it doesn’t necessarily have to mean something, with currently well over a thousand casinos this can happen. But if you can’t find anything about Mr Bet / Faro Entertainment in various private forums, the many magazines on the subject of gambling or on job portals, then caution is called for. Gambling is a matter of trust. If I don’t know who actually owns a casino, then I can’t play there with a clear conscience.


Not everything is bad: websites, design games


Mr Bet Games


Fraudulent casinos are relatively easy for us to spot. You may be able to fool normal players with fake games or fake licenses. But not us. But at Mr Bet the slot machines are actually original. The best-known manufacturers who contribute to the total of over 2500 slots include:

Evolution gaming
Play’n GO

And the license is not so bad too, and it’s definitely there. The design is pretty good and professional. Mr Bet, the fat, round mascot, arouses sympathy. Whether coloring, graphics, or the structure of the page. Mr Bet is definitely not done badly. And that’s why a lot of players from Germany will open an account here.

In addition, a few streamers are aggressively promoting Mr Bet – sometimes even with a € 10 bonus without a deposit. Of course, that also has an effect.


Retained earnings, misleading advertising, lousy customer service, and other no-gos!

We ignore most overseas casinos, because unfortunately, we don’t have time to write our own reviews for each of the thousands of Curacao sites. We have only published some detailed warnings for the fake casinos known in Germany with fake Merkur and Novoline slots. So why an article on Mr Bet? For reasons. At the latest when our reader Markus told us about his retained profit, the barrel was simply full. So let’s briefly summarize why we would never play at Mr Bet:


Retained winnings at Mr Bet

One thing is of particular interest in a casino: Are winnings paid out? As soon as there is even the slightest doubt, anyone with a clear mind should steer clear of the provider. On the other hand, only people who can make mistakes work in the casino. However – as indicated by the many experiences of other players with Mr Bet – errors to the detriment of customers at this casino seem to be part of the program. That is why we briefly describe the case already mentioned here:



After the first deposit and bonus did not bring anything, Markus paid another € 50 to take the 100% bonus with him. In a few rounds with different slots, he came up with a respectable amount. According to the bonus rules, € 5 per spin on the machine and € 12 for live table games are allowed. Since it was not his first time playing with a bonus, he of course stuck to it. Well, and as it sometimes goes, in the end, there were € 7,300 in credit. Congratulations, one would think. At this point, it is also important that there were no problems with personal information, chargebacks, IP addresses, general bonus abuse, self-exclusion, or whatever. A legitimate win like the one seen in online casinos on a daily basis.


Mr Bet doesn’t want to cash out

The first payout was rejected, however, because Markus would have played with a free bonus, and with that you could only win the amount deposited. Was a little dodging from the customer service clerk, but you can overlook the fact that the bonus granted, as Markus was also able to prove by e-mail, had no profit limit.


Mr Bet still doesn’t want to cash out

After that was clarified, you quickly came up with a new reason so as not to pay off. The alleged winner was informed that he had turned Book of Dead with € 75 and therefore violated the maximum bet. Personally, I don’t know a normal person who plays such high stakes, but the joke about this reason is this: As with most other online casinos, you can bet a maximum of 50 euros per round. The € 75 could of course theoretically have been bet with the gamble function (card risk). But it wasn’t the case. And what do you do as a casino that has already refused a payout twice for wrong reasons? You apologize for the inconvenience and pay off the good man.


Mr Bet will probably not payout in the future either

But think! Mr Bet would like to keep his coals himself and only refunded 50 euros deposit. Now another rubber paragraph was used. Because Markus had changed the game in between. Holla the forest fairy. But that’s criminal. Everyone knows that changing a game is automatically a bonus rule violation.

Joking aside, there is of course the possibility that you can play certain games with bonus credit and collect bonus symbols. At Holmes and the Stolen Stones, you could use bonus credit to play until shortly before the start of the bonus feature and then change the game. Since the game progress is always saved, it is possible that you will gain such an advantage later. Therefore, even reputable casinos rule this out. But it doesn’t matter, because that’s exactly what good Markus didn’t do either.

To make matters worse, Mr Bet support refuses to send him a list of his rounds played. We have all of Mr Bet’s e-mails in front of us, and unfortunately, we have to give a bad mark in terms of customer friendliness and professionalism.


Filed Complaint

He has now also filed a complaint with Askgamblers. But whether this will be crowned with success is questionable. Personally, I used to think very highly of askgamblers. If there were problems with payouts, you could put additional pressure there and also find good information. But now I have far too often the feeling that the casinos that are advertised very positively there are exactly the ones that pay the most for their advertising.

Of course, we also earn money by advertising for casinos on our site. We have to make that clear in a fairway. However, it is noticeable how the AG has changed in terms of recommendations and dealing with criticism from readers since the sale of over € 12 million to another media company.


Terms and Conditions of Mr Bet

The subject of terms and conditions is also a common source of trouble. Unfair conditions, often packed in English legal language that is difficult to understand for German players, are lousy. Mr Bet likes to take German customers, but unfortunately, translating the terms and conditions has not yet occurred to them. I can even understand that, because some passages are absolutely unfair:

Winnings over 10,000 euros (including jackpot winnings) do not have to be paid out immediately but can be paid out over a period of 10 months. I think that’s outrageous, especially with progressive jackpots. Because these winnings are paid out directly to the casino by the game provider, so there is no risk for the casino. The only explanation for this approach: You want to borrow money from the player without interest.

Free spins winnings must be wagered in the game in which you received the free spins. A very strange regulation that most players are probably not familiar with.


Chicane with payouts

The 10% of your payout will be withheld if you have not wagered the deposits twice. Sounds normal at first and is also known from other casinos. But that’s not it. Because if you have an ongoing payout and then pay in again, this rule also applies, even if you have implemented the amount assigned for the payout yourself. There was once a blatant case at casinomeister where someone wanted to withdraw over € 650 and was then asked to make a deposit of € 1 to confirm their Visa card. Then 10% was deducted from the amount paid out. Unbelievable?

If you only want to play roulette, blackjack, or video poker, you pay a 10% fee on your payout. This makes Mr Bet one of the worst addresses for table games or live casinos at all.


Misleading advertising with the Mr Bet 400% bonus

Mr Bet Casino


The 400% casino bonus sounds really good. There are now hardly any good sites that offer such a high amount. For German players, I only know Wunderino at the moment. But even there there is “only” up to 40 € extra for a deposit of 10 €.

At Mr Bet, however, there is a total of 400% up to 1500 euros – at least according to the advertising.

Unfortunately, Mr Bet’s marketing buffs don’t seem to have a great understanding of math. Because in detail it looks like this:

  • First deposit – 150% up to 150 euros
  • Second deposit -100% up to 300 euros
  • Third deposit – 50% up to 500 eurosFourth deposit – 100% bonus up to 550 euros


Mr Bet Full Bonus

If you want to take full advantage of this offer, then you have to deposit € 1950 and would get € 1500 for it. Deceptive packaging is expressed in a friendly way. In mathematical terms, the bonus is not even 77%. If someone promises me a 400% bonus, but only delivers a fraction, then at least I would speak of fraud and rip-offs. But now that’s my very personal opinion on Mr Bet.


Strange bonus rules at Mr Bet

Also anything but good for players are some special rules. So that we don’t get ourselves wrong: I can understand that bonus credit means costs for the casino. I think the normal 40-fold turnover only on the bonus is fair. And the MaxBet used at Mr Bet for a maximum of € 5 per spin is completely within the framework. I don’t want to criticize that. But one rule is arbitrary and in practice will give the casino the chance to cancel winnings with bonus credits:

If you switch to a game with lower volatility after a big win with bonus funds, you will lose your entitlement to your winnings. This is an absolute dummy paragraph that only casinos have that do not want to cash out their players. Because something like that opens house and yard to arbitrariness.

First of all, what is a big win anyway? A high amount? Or a win that is high in relation to the stake? What if I won 1.50 euros with a 1 cent stake? Or 4 €, 40 €? And how do you actually define volatility? When I play a slot with a payline, it has different volatility than when I play it with the normal number.

It’s all vague and there is a method to it. Because absolutely every player changes the slot here and there – and especially when it comes to wagering a bonus. That is completely human.


Profit Limits

When casinos give out a no deposit bonus or completely free spins, I still find it justifiable to limit the winnings that can be made with them.

But it should be clear by now at the latest that you were not paying attention collectively in the math class at Mr Bet.

The thing about the license
As written above, licenses from Curacao are not very good. But Mr Bet is even a little worse because you don’t have your own. Instead, one operates under the “Curaçao Master License 1668 / JAZ”. The legal situation is somewhat opaque, but strictly speaking, these licenses cannot be passed on at all. The Game-Protect site finds very clear words here:

Curacao eGaming does not regulate and takes no responsibility for casinos operated under the 1668 / JAZ license!

From my own experience, I would tend to agree with that. I myself know a lot of fraudulent and bad casinos under the same license. A well-known example is Staybet, which also ripped off German players.


Terrible customer service

Unfortunately, the support does not keep what it promises. Because the German employees either seem to be on vacation all the time or they don’t exist. Well, you can understand English – even if it is with Google translate. But even in English, our judgment is devastating. Anyone who expects friendly, competent, and empathetic employees will be disappointed. Instead, there are text modules, spelling mistakes, and insolence.


Our conclusion on Mr Bet

As stupid as it sounds, we’ve seen some worse casinos than this one. The design, the game selection, and the user guidance are surprisingly well solved. Nevertheless, at least I cannot recommend Mr Bet with a clear conscience. But we have asked Mr Bet to take a position here and will be happy to publish their answer here. 2 weeks have now passed, but we have not received an answer.

We would like you to see the full list of reliable casinos here.