Nitropolis 3 Slot Review

Nitropolis 3 is the third edition in ELK Studios’ popular Nitropolis series. The first Nitropolis was launched back in 2020, and the sequel Nitropolis 2 was released in 2021. Nitropolis 3 has a 6-reel playing field with various changing symbols per round, the same as its predecessors. As a result, the number of possible winning combinations quickly exceeds 1,000,000. With the Nitro Reels feature, you can win up to 50,000 times your original wager. Nitropolis 3 can be played at €0.20 per round and go up to €50 bet per spin.

Nitropolis 3 slot

Nitropolis 3 has a lower-than-average payout percentage of 95%, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We were quite interested to see if this third installment in the series is as good as the first two. In this review, you will learn about everything we found and our thoughts about it.

How does Nitropolis 3 work?

To win, at least three of the same symbols must appear on the playing field at the same time. It doesn’t always matter whether the initial symbol lands on the far left or right reel in Nitropolis 3, as long as the symbols are near each other on one of the two sides.
Once you select the game, you will be asked whether you want to play with or without sound, and then you can begin. The bet is set to $2 by default. You may easily change this by pressing the options at the top left the ones at the bottom left of the playing field. The game explanation and other settings can be found under the latter.

The playing surface in Nitropolis 3 features a total of 14 distinct symbols. Twelve of them have a paid feature, with the Dawg Boss being the most valuable. The value of the letter symbols is the lowest. The final two symbols are unique. This is required in order to activate specific features.

Nitropolis 3 Bonus features

As we mentioned in the introduction, Nitropolis 3 boasts a Nitro Reels feature, however, this is not the slot machine’s only feature. You may learn more about the slot machine’s features, what they do for you, and how to activate them by reading the information below.

The Avalanche feature

The Avalanche function is triggered every time you make a winning combination. The winning symbols are removed from your playing grid and replaced with fresh symbols that appear from above.
A new row is added to the playing field when the field is refilled. The Avalanches will continue until there are no more possible combinations. A maximum of 8 rows can be used in the field. The number of rows resets to 4 after the end of the Avalanches.

Nitro Reels

These unique Reels have 4 to 12 stacked symbols and take up 2 game slots. The Nitro Reels can also be set up in a Big Symbol style, with six slots available. There are 2 to 6 stacked symbols on these Big Nitro Reels.

Special Symbols

In addition to the two special symbols that are of higher value in the basic game, there are five other symbols:
Scatter and Nitro feature symbols remain in position during the redrop, while the remainder of the playing grid spins new symbols.
Both Ways: This allows you to win from the left to the right as well as from right to the left.

1st – Nitro Match: When two or more Nitro Reels land on the same reel, they transform into the same symbol.
Nitro Upgrade: Nitro Reels on the same reel or adjacent to each other receive a symbol enhancement, allowing them to hold more symbols.
3rd – Nitro Wild: All symbols on the same or neighboring reels in the Nitro Reels are replaced by Wilds.

As a result, the Wild is one of the symbols with enhanced value; it can substitute any paying symbol in the game, increasing your chances of winning greatly.

Free Spins function in Nitropolis 3 Slot

The Scatter is the second symbol with increased value. The Free Spins are triggered if you land at least three. The amount is determined by the number of Scatters present. At 3 Scatters, you’ll get 8, at 4 you’ll get 12, at 5 you’ll get 16, and at 6 you’ll get 20 Free Spins.
All Nitro Reels become sticky when activated, so they stay in place for the duration of the feature. You also get a Safety Level feature to begin with. This means that the number of rows and ways to win can’t go down, but only up.
Within the feature, you can retrigger up to 40 additional Free Spins. If at least one Super Scatter is used, the Super Free Spins are triggered, in which you play with 8 rows and both methods are active.

X-iter feature

Finally, if you want to directly trigger one of the features, you can utilize the X-iter feature. The following is a list of how much each feature will cost you once:

Boosted Bonus Chance: You have a 2x chance of triggering the Free Spins in the next round if you wager 2 times your stake.
Big Nitro Reel: In the next round, a Big Nitro Reel will appear for 10 times your stake.
Nitro Match: Get a guaranteed Nitro Match for 25 times your stake, and both ways are active.
Free Spins: The Free Spins are awarded if your stake is multiplied by 100.
Super Free Spins: You can get the Super Free Spins by wagering 500 times your stake.

These X-iter prizes are paid per round in which they are active and do not turn off automatically. This is something you should always do yourself.
What are our thoughts on the Nitropolis 3 video slot?

Nitropolis 3 has exceeded our expectations. The slot machine is visually appealing; all of the symbols, animations, and sounds fit well with the concept. There aren’t many providers who follow suit. Red Tiger took a chance with the Mayhem slot, but Nitropolis 3 comes out on top by force majeure.