The 200% Casino Bonus – The best online casinos to triple your deposit

You may not be able to force luck, but it is still relatively easy to improve your chances of gambling online. A 200% casino bonus is probably the easiest way to triple your starting balance.

In the meantime, many casinos have recognized that such offers are extremely attractive. Because even if they first pay on top of the 200% casino bonus, customers can be attracted quickly with such a good deposit bonus.

At least we can’t resist such actions anyway. However, there are huge differences from offer to offer. That’s why we looked at almost 100 online casinos. The best with a 200 percent deposit bonus (also called match bonus) can be found in our overview.


200% casino bonus


Applause, applause – here is our recommendation list for the best 200% casino bonus. Incidentally, many of these 200% bonuses are exclusively available when you create a player account via our link.

And what can we say big: Gambling and trying out the bonuses was really fun and worth it. The research part, however, was not so great. We checked every license and read tons of bonus terms and conditions. As soon as a provider that we had not yet tested ourselves made it onto the shortlist, countless testimonials and customer ratings had to be analyzed. In the end, there were still a good 30 casinos left, where we deposited in the end and requested a 200% casino bonus. That took a long time, but it was definitely worth it.

Our personal recommendations, if you want to play with a 200% casino bonus, are the following pages. Below we have put together a brief summary of each of them. If you would like more information about the respective online casino, you will find further links to our detailed casino test reports:

However, there were also some serious disappointments among the online casinos with a 200% casino bonus. The worst addresses in our opinion therefore also get their fat away in this article. After all, what good is the best offer if you can’t pay it off in the end?


Our criteria – what is a good 200% casino bonus?

  • At least € 100 bonus amount. What should we do with an offer like “Deposit € 10 and get € 20 bonus”? So that the 200 percent online casino bonus is worthwhile, we have agreed that a bonus of at least € 100 is possible. If you want to deposit less, you can still do so and then get a proportionately smaller bonus. And if, as with some very good casinos, even up to € 5,000 extra are possible (although we, as hobby players, are far from such deposits), then this also has a positive effect.
  • Reasonable sales. The higher the turn-over required, the lower your chance that you will end up cashing out. In addition, you are tied to the casino longer. We have therefore decided not to list all providers who require more than 50 times the turnover.
  • Payment methods. In the meantime it is unfortunately almost standard that in most cases Neteller and Skrill / Moneybookers, but in some cases also Paysafecard, are excluded from the bonus. Unfortunately, you can usually find the references to this hidden somewhere in the bonus rules after the deposit has been made. That is why we have always listed this for you in detail.
  • Fairness. Hidden traps in the terms and conditions and bonus terms are every winner’s nightmare. To ensure that you receive your winnings safely, we have spent a lot of time studying the bonus rules. There are certainly more exciting things, but since it’s about your money, this was particularly important to us. This includes in particular how one can accidentally violate the conditions of the 200% casino bonus. Here we expect the online casinos to block a slot, for example, and to display a warning if you are playing with a stake that is too high or a slot that is not allowed.
  • Added value. With some providers it is even possible to combine the bonus with other offers such as cashback, free spins or no deposit bonus. Of course, this also has a positive effect.


The best addresses with a 200% casino bonus

Which providers with a 200% casino bonus should you avoid?

The above providers are all reputable and licensed in the EU. We are not alone in our opinion on quality. Both on independent portals such as Trustpilot and in player forums such as Askgamblers or Casinomeister, all of the providers we recommend come off well.

In addition, there are a lot of providers who didn’t really convince us. Quite nice, but you don’t have to play – that was our conclusion in the majority of the casinos tested. However, there are some online casinos with a 200 percent bonus that also have an EU license, but are anything but clean. As tempting as it is sometimes to take their new customer offers with you: We would particularly like to advise you against the following pages.


200% casino bonus at Magic Red (warning)

This site has been causing dissatisfied customers for years. Unfortunately, you don’t keep what you promise. The customer service is underground and the selection of machines is limited. Anyone who manages to implement the bonus runs the risk, especially with larger profits, that the payout will be canceled with reference to the bonus rules.

As a portal for casinos and gambling, we regularly receive complaints about canceled bonuses and other things. This involved relatively high sums in the five-digit range, which is why we would like to issue a warning at this point. As we have shown above, there are plenty of good alternatives.


Spinland (warning)

At this online casino, we experienced our blue miracle a few months ago. We deposited € 133 so that we could finally play with € 399. This was preceded by two complaints from readers who had their prizes canceled. Since Spinland itself actually has a serious license, we didn’t want to believe the story at first.

And at first, everything went well with our 200% casino bonus. Unfortunately, after more than 700 spins at Jack and the Beanstalk, we accidentally clicked on the maximum bet and played this one round with € 10. We won nothing with this annoying bet, but we violated the bonus rules. So we immediately contacted customer service to explain our mistake. And that’s when the drama started.


What are the disadvantages of the 200% casino bonus?

There are many reasons to play with so much free credit. But is everything gold that glitters? What are the disadvantages?


Lengthy turnover

From our own experience as employees in various online casinos, we know very well that there are different types of players. Far too often a big bonus is played with too small stakes. If you get a € 200 bonus with a € 100 deposit, you usually have to wager between € 3,000 and € 10,000, depending on the casino. With a stake of 20 cents per spin, that’s 50,000 game rounds – an impossibility if you have no other hobbies.

In general, there is never anything that speaks against playing with smaller stakes. But with a big bonus, you have to bet more aggressively. On average, the normal player creates between 300 and 600 spins per hour. If you only want to play for an hour or two and then don’t want to gamble online for a few weeks, you have a problem. As is well known, all bonus offers have an expiration date. And it would be a shame if your credit just expired.

But that shouldn’t pose problems for real high rollers.


Restricted games

In all online casinos, some titles are excluded from use with the 200% casino bonus. If you want to gamble exactly this, you either have to forego the offer or unlock the bonus first. The following are almost always not permitted:

  • Blood Suckers I and II
  • Kings of Chicago
  • Drive: Multiplier Mayhem
  • Simsalabim
  • Dead or Alive I and II
  • Progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah
  • Table games in the live casino
  • all types of poker
  • Sales limits


A nice thing is the various options that most online casinos offer you so that you don’t gamble too much. Because with all the chances of winning big, gambling should above all be fun and a pastime. Therefore, in addition to your deposits, you can limit your losses and your sales.

The latter is not a good idea if you are playing with a bonus. Imagine that you cannot clear the 200% casino bonus because you limited yourself in advance. That’s why you should set yourself a deposit limit with such an offer. This is how you make sure that you don’t gamble more than you can afford.

Discussion: percentage versus bonus amount
It is not easy to say what is more important for a bonus in an online casino: the bonus amount or the percentage of the offer. Of course, things like the wagering requirements also play a role.

When evaluating bonuses, we always weigh them in detail and look at the overall picture. This way we can recommend the best deals to our readers.

Our 200% bonus list at the top of this page only includes casino operators who have successfully passed our tough tests.

Important rule : use our links

With many of these offers, it is important that you use our links. At some of these online casinos, you get the 200% bonus exclusively when you register a player account via our partner links.

If you also have to enter a bonus code, we’ll tell you. If nothing is mentioned, you do not have to enter an activation code.



Those who seek will find. The online casinos presented are all licensed in the EU and each have their own strengths.