Trolls themed slot machines

In spite of their reputation as vicious little creatures hiding under bridges throughout Norse mythology, trolls are anything but that in the Trolls slot machine game from Net Entertainment. The heroes of this 5-reel, 20-payline journey through a traditional Norse dwelling are adorable, joyful, even grinning trolls. When the Golden Wild feature in this game completes a successful payline, your prize is increased by four, making it the fastest way to expand your bankroll.

About Leading slot

The Net Entertainment slot machine Trolls has 20 paylines and a fantasy theme. It may award rewards of up to 120,000 coins. When you spin three or more scatter symbols to activate the Trolls free spins feature, your payouts are tripled. The golden wild on the middle reel, which multiplies winning lines by four, should be avoided. Additionally, the value of each payline that the wild symbol completes is doubled.

Do you recall those adorable little toys with the wild hair from when you were a kid? However, the trolls in this video slot are very different. These are only a handful of the eerie figures that this mystical game has produced to transport you to another realm; others are more evil in nature. Enter the enchanted woodland of the slot with your potions and wizard’s wand.

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The Trolls’ Treasure

If you’ve ever browsed the Norse folklore section of your neighborhood slot machine selection and had a yearning for something that didn’t involve divinities or heroes, The Trolls’ Treasure from ReelPlay might be a nice choice. To be clear, if you prefer big, lumbering, sledgehammer-style games with a potent sting in their tail, The Trolls’ Treasure isn’t precisely one of them. Please wait a moment and give us a chance before clicking your browser’s back button.

Although The Trolls’ Treasure is not a monolith, it does have a certain charm, and under the right circumstances, its combination of cheap bonus buys and acceptable stats can be alluring. Learning can only be done in one way.

The Trolls’ Treasures’ attractive designs are what made me smile at first. The game is situated on a trail that meanders through a green outdoor region that is surrounded by snow-covered mountains, trees, and rocks. Have you ever heard the strange whistling sound of wind when it passes by a cluster of pine trees while you’re high up? If that’s the case, The Trolls’ Treasure contains a hint of what Kant could have called the sublime—that lofty, ominous sense outside. Okay, so perhaps we went a little too far there, but the image is still stunning.

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