Wild Symbols – What are They?

Wild symbols are included in almost all online slot machine games. With the help of this well-liked feature, you may increase your current winnings and hit winning combinations more frequently. Since game designers have been experimenting with wilds for a while, you can even find a ton of different kinds of wilds that increase your chances of winning in interesting ways.

The world of casinos is undoubtedly wacky, entertaining, and occasionally absurd. There were even wild animals in some casinos; the MGM and Mirage in Las Vegas both had lions. However, there aren’t any casinos in the wild because nobody would be there to use them.

The word “wild” has entirely distinct meanings in the context of casinos, thus slot machine engineers decided it would be preferable to use it to describe unusual symbols on a machine. Wild symbols have specific abilities, as you may know. In general, they stand in for all others when they land and can help you create a winning line. Happy days; let’s give wild applause.

Wild Symbols

What Do Wilds Do?

Substitutions are another name for wild symbols. They merely replace all other symbols (apart from the scatter) to aid in the formation of winning combinations or to increase payouts. For instance, you wouldn’t win if two matching symbols appeared on the same payline simultaneously. They will pay out, though, if a wild also appears because it will take the place of the third matching symbol.


Wild Symbols: Type

Wild symbols now come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many serve more purposes than just serving as a substitute for other symbols and can be used in many ways to help you produce winning combinations.

Wild Multipliers

These have multipliers attached and are wild symbols. A multiplier will be added to your win when one of these symbols appears in a winning combination.

Insane Reels

In order to significantly increase your overall winning possibility, wilds may take up a full reel.

Expanding Wilds

When a single wild symbol shows up, it may occasionally grow either horizontally or vertically to give you extra opportunities to win.

Walking Wilds

These moving wild symbols traverse the entire screen. They typically come up when there are re-spin features.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds stay on the reels for more than one spin, exactly as their name implies. Sticky Wild Symbols are a favorite among many players because they can complete numerous winning combos when they emerge throughout multiple spins.

Players can greatly profit from the win-on-repeat feature that Sticky offers. If the Wild Symbol remains stuck on the reel, free spins begin, and if more Sticky Wilds appear, further free bets are awarded! In the majority of video slots, including Attractions, Stickers, and Lucky Angler, you can try your luck with Sticky wilds.

Straight/ Diagonal Wild Symbols

Shifting/Moving wilds is another name for straight or diagonal Wild Symbols. Diagonal Wild Symbols can position themselves across reels 2 and 4. Only on reel 3 are there straight wild symbols that descend vertically. The most thrilling aspect is when Diagonal Wilds appear when Straight Wild Symbols are in play. Any symbols that are struck by the moving wild symbols will be renewed by the Straight Wild Symbols, which will strike the diagonals across the reels.

The Best Wild Slot Machines Online

Given that almost every online slot machine features wilds, it can be challenging to choose which ones are the best to play. The best course of action is to test out slots with various wilds to see which is your favorite. The most frequent features are expanding wilds and wild reels, and you can find them in well-known games like Starburst and Sparks, so that’s a great place for new players to start.
Although they are a little more uncommon, walking wilds and sticky wilds are also a lot of fun. To find games that offer these features, you’ll need to do a little more research, but we can help. To locate these unique kinds of wilds, be sure to look through games like Stickers and Taco Bros.

What Advantages Do Wild Symbols Offer?

Following are the benefits you can get from wild symbols:

  • makes it possible for you to finish a winning combination even when it is impossible.
  • You can substitute a wild symbol for any other symbol to boost your chances of obtaining a winning line, payment, or reward.
  • gives the player a competitive edge over the machine because you have more chances to boost your wins.

In addition to acting as a multiplier, a wild symbol can also double or multiply the payoff of every line on which it appears.

What Are the Best Slot Machine Wild Symbols to Use?

It’s critical to comprehend the operation of wild symbols if you want to get the most out of your slot machine gaming experience. The formation of winning combos depends on wild symbols, which also significantly increases your chance of winning. You can always have a chance to win at slots, whether you like to play on your desktop or choose the most recent gambling app.

The following tips will help you pick the greatest wild symbols for slot machines:

  • Search for games with a high RTP. This portion of the winnings will be returned to players over time and is a reliable measure of a game’s generosity.
  • Select games that feature numerous wild symbols. You have more chances to create winning combos the more wild symbols there are.
  • Examine the in-game bonuses that are offered. Your potential payoff can be significantly increased by bonus features that provide more symbols.

For games, look for high bet limits. More money is at risk when the maximum bet each spin is larger, which boosts your chances of striking it rich.

Play games that fit your spending limit. If you can’t afford to lose, resist the urge to play high-stakes games as this could cause major monetary issues. Pick a game with a betting cap that works with your budget and stick to it.

It’s crucial to take into account each of these elements when searching for the greatest symbols in slot machines. You can improve your odds of striking it rich by investing the time to conduct thorough study.


There is undoubtedly a slot game out there that will appeal to you, whether you prefer big stakes or low stakes, and with progressive jackpots also being offered, you never know how much money you might wind up earning. It’s risk-free to give playing slots online a try because you may have a lot of fun for little to no money.

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